Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wellness: Laughter


Laughter is the best medicine for health. It is a strong medicine for mind and body. There are several benefits that laughter/humor have on stress and overall wellness. Firstly, it brings positive frame of mind. It indicates that laughter diverts the focus from the anger, guilt and negative emotions. It basically makes the person cheerful and brings the positive frame of mind. The other benefit from laughter/humor is physical release. It indicates that when somebody is really upset and how the laughter/humor changes his/ her mood and releases that person from any negative feeling. Rather brings physical and emotional release. It also boost the immune system such as increases the immune cells and infection fighting antibiotics which further helps in improving the body resistance to diseases.
Most of the time when I get free time, I always prefer to watch Indian comedy shows which makes me cheerful and brings the positive change in me. Last week, when I was really stressed out thinking about summer internship I starts watching the comedy show for about an hour. I was alone in my room. Before start watching the show I was feeling really low. In fact I was really upset and negative thinking that I will not get my internship. But then I started watching and as I was watching it I was getting positive vibrations. I was feeling more confident and after that 1 hour session I felt like I can do it. I should be negative instead I should keep on trying. I felt that it’s a part of life, if right now I am